Get organized step by step and achieve your goals without stress

Learn how to make it possible in just 20 minutes a week!

Can you imagine how your business would advance with organization and planning?

More than a planner is a practical guide for women, mothers and entrepreneurs that teaches you to go from “I don’t have time” to “I create my time”.

It is not about having 24 more hours in your day, it is knowing how to manage the 24 hours of the day that you already have.

Fall in love with your time today.

If you don’t do it today, when are you going to take control of your life?

More than 150 pages that provides a detailed outline of everything you need to know to organize your goals.

Create your action plan

Learn my secrets to make the best use of your time and meet all your goals.

Start or scale your business

Take the step you need to start your business or develop it to the fullest from your life purpose to reach your next level of success.

Become a winner

Discover the habits that will make you a free and successful woman.

Transform yourself as an entrepreneur

Discover the 5 steps that I use to advance in my entrepreneurship.


Empowered and supported by the community of "Free and Entrepreneurial Women" like you.


The life you want and feel satisfied at the end of the day of all the goals achieved.

With my Planner you 

will be able to:

Improve your relationship with your time with 
just 20 minutes a week!

Know my story...

Hello, I’m Sabrina Castellanos, organization and strategic planning coach for moms who want to organize themselves to start a business and succeed by generating clients and sales.

Are you a mom and want to organize yourself to advance your entrepreneurship?

I have helped many moms, like me, to create time and organization to create a solid foundation for their business and I have supported them to manage the time between being a mom and an entrepreneur, organizing a calendar in their favor and eliminating the burden in their lives.

Why did I design 

my planner?

Dozens of women come up to me and ask me how they can organize their time and how to create time for themselves and their projects. They want to upscale their businesses and go to the next level in their lives.

Many share with me that they feel overwhelmed and stressed and don’t know where to start organizing their time.

And the most impressive thing for me is that many believe that living like this in stress is normal and one day it will pass.

That is why many women start working on their goals and a little later they abandon their projects.

A study from Harvard University says that only 8% of people meet their goals.

Which means that 92% of the population does not meet the goals that they say they will do, which I deduce that one of the factors is the lack of planning and organization of their time.

For this reason, I set myself A MISSION: to help as many women as possible who feel exhausted and without time, find a way to manage their time, plan and organize themselves in a practical way with an easy-to-implement methodology so that they can work for their dreams and achieve your goals…

 And that’s when this planner was born: My Action Plan!

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If you are not 100% satisfied with this course, the job tools, or the bonuses within the first 7 days, I will offer you a full refund for any reason.

This means you can sign up today and you don’t even have to decide if you’re signed up forever!

Take 7 full days to explore the material, watch the videos, and peruse the workbooks. In addition to seeing the bonuses. Then make a decision using the information you have instead of the information you don’t have.

How many times have you been LAST on the priority list?

It’s time to put yourself FIRST on the list.


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Yes, it has a step-by-step guide on how to use it in the best way and includes a masterclass bonus where I explain how to use it so that you can achieve your goals faster.

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