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Sabrina Castellanos

Keynote Speaker

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Sabrina Castellanos - Keynote Speaker

Welcome, Corporate Leaders!

Unlock the Power of Effective Time Management, Leadership, and Empowerment with Sabrina Castellanos, a renowned public speaker and leadership mentor. With over a decade of corporate experience as an Architectural Project Manager, leading diverse teams in numerous Architectural firms, Sabrina brings a unique blend of strategic insights, organizational expertise, and transformational storytelling that resonates with corporations looking to enhance their corporate culture, productivity, and employee engagement.

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Effective time management can boost productivity by up to 30%, driving greater efficiency and success.

About Sabrina Castellanos

With a successful career spanning over 10 years in the corporate world as an Architectural Project Manager, Sabrina Castellanos knows firsthand the demands of corporate environments. Today, she leverages her experience to inspire and empower corporate teams through her impactful keynotes.

Why Choose Sabrina?

Benefits for Attendees:

Improved time management is linked to a 20% reduction in stress and burnout, promoting well-being.

Benefits for Corporations:

Your calendar becomes your canvas, and you are the artist.

What Sabrina Offers

Industries We Serve

Presentations for:

Versatility is at the heart of my approach. Every audience is unique, with distinct goals, challenges, and aspirations. That’s why my presentations are not just informative, but adaptable. Whether it’s a virtual engagement, an in-person gathering, a women’s group, a sales meeting, or any other context, I tailor my content to resonate with your audience’s specific needs. With a deep understanding of diverse industries and settings, I bring a fresh perspective to each presentation, ensuring that attendees walk away inspired, empowered, and equipped with insights that directly apply to their professional journey. Together, we’ll elevate your event by creating a presentation that speaks directly to your audience’s hearts and minds.

Embrace this method, not as a mere strategy, but as a way to transform our lives, inspire our teams, and make a meaningful impact in the world.

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Elevate your corporate culture, boost employee engagement, and optimize productivity with Sabrina Castellanos. Contact us today to schedule an inspiring keynote or workshop that empowers your team and drives positive change.




Time management skills are estimated to save professionals up to 2 hours per day, enhancing work-life balance.

Mastering time management can lead to a 25% increase in overall work satisfaction.

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More about Sabrina Castellanos

Sabrina Castellanos is a dynamic coach and speaker, renowned for her expertise in strategic planning and organizational empowerment. With a proven methodology, “ORGANÍZATE paso a paso,” she empowers thousands leaders and entrepreneurs to take control of their time, fostering balance and fulfillment. As the driving force behind the “2 get there connections” movement, Sabrina supports mompreneurs seeking practical and transformative ways to enhance their lives and businesses. With over a decade of experience in project management, mentoring, and public speaking, she combines professionalism, compassion, and optimism to inspire growth, leadership, and positive change. Sabrina’s commitment to empowering women leaders through tailored strategies and impactful presentations is evident in her renowned phrases like “Own your time” and “Get Organized step by step.” Connect with Sabrina to unlock the art of time management and elevate your leadership potential.

Beyond her coaching role, Sabrina shines as a respected public speaker, captivating audiences with her compelling talks on time management, strategic planning, and leadership enhancement. Armed with +10 years of experience as an architect, manager, photographer, keynote speaker, and mentor, she brings a rich tapestry of insights to every platform.

Sabrina Castellanos transcends being a coach; she becomes a catalyst for growth, an advocate for empowerment, and a beacon of inspiration. Her journey stands as a testament to her commitment to transforming lives, nurturing leadership, and enabling women leaders to discover equilibrium, purpose, and happiness.

Connect with Sabrina to harness the art of time management and unleash your leadership potential. Reach out today to infuse your next event with her enlightening insights and transformative expertise.



"Sabrina delivered a great message. She is an inspirational, motivating, dynamic speaker. She is well connected with herself and the audience, I love the engagement that generates with the public and staff."
Ana Pina
Latinas Creciendo Juntas Founder
Toronto, Canada
"Sabrina's mission of empower women with productivity strategies to reach their highest potential matched so well with our community. We have had many Masterclasses before and her's truly stood out for her professionalism and her kindness when delivering her message. Anyone can tell how prepared and dedicated she is."
Mar Reyes
Chill mama club Founder
Cancun, Mexico
"We chose Sabrina to be our planning mentor in the "Conectando Marcas Training" which lasted about 7 weeks. With her class and methodology she provided a lot of clarity to the participants; they could get their personal brands off the ground and successfully manage their projects thanks to that clarity. Thank you Sabrina for your experience and genuine way of teaching!"
Melannie & Daniela,
Conectando Marcas founders.
Montreal, Canada
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