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Are you an enterprising mom who wants to learn how to organize her time in a practical way and go from a busy and overwhelming life
to having a few quiet days?

Get organized step by step

It is the course that will teach you the best organization and time management techniques and tools so that you can start to take ownership of your hours, creating the ideal routine for you and planning your agenda effectively with the steps you need to meet your goals.

How would YOUR LIFE change if you could have more time?

You no longer need more hours in your day, or more days in your week! Learn to organize yourself to achieve all the goals you set for yourself.

I understand how complicated it can be to find a balance between all that you dream of achieving and all the activities that occupy your time every day, from household chores, the routine of your children or your family, your friends, partner and all those unforeseen events. that are never missing

In the course Get organized step by step I teach you my own methodology of effective time management
where you will learn:

What does the course Organize yourself
step by step include?

La metodología comprobada de cómo obtener 4 horas extras en tus días para trabajar en tus sueños si no sabes como organizarte.

Course Modules

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Investment: $297 USD

Start and change the way you relate to your time

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Why take this course?

"It has been a wonderful course, full of tools that you can use to know what it is that you want, obtaining more clarity and creating an action plan that will help you achieve it. I have been able to get to know myself better and meet other women entrepreneurs who have similar concerns. I liked seeing the evolution I have achieved throughout the course. I have generated more confidence in myself and I know what my conscious undertaking is going to be. Sabrina is a charming person who will accompany you throughout this process. If you need help to know what do you want to do and take action this is a course you cannot miss."
Monica Arbizu
Madrid, España
“Me sentia perdida en mi día a día. Sentia que hacia muchas cosas pero realmente nada relevante y que valieran la pena para mi crecimiento personal y para mi satisfacción. Siento que el curso me dio muchas herramientas útiles para mi vida. Evidentemente son herramientas y hay que ponerlas en práctica, pero tenerlas es una gran ventaja. Lo primero que aprendí es que no soy yo sola la persona que se siente así. Ver que hay otras personas que pueden tener la misma sensación que yo me creo cierto alivio y dejé de ser tan dura conmigo mismo. La sesión de Coaching me gustó mucho porque siento que Sabrina nos hace ver en nuestro interior y nos hace ir hasta el fondo para que encontremos nuestras propias respuestas. Solo sabiendolas es que podemos avanzar y entender muchas cosas Siento que encontrar esa publicidad en instragram con tu curso fue una señal y una bendición para mi. Lo disfruté mucho y aprendí mucho aunque debo afianzar ese conocimiento trantando de ponerlo siempre en práctica.”
Caracas, Venezuela
"I didn't know for sure how to organize myself. I had an idea but a bit of confusion. Now I have clarity of how time is organized. I loved seeing a woman like Sabrina so committed to her dreams. That is inspiring to me. And that even though she is the coach and teacher of the class, she has a heart and openness to learn and listen to her students. My greatest benefit is clarity. It was a very pleasant course to take, the live classes were very enriching and Sabrina has a very nice energy to lead the group. Thank you"
Gissell Bailey
Kentucky, USA
“I explored without a direction in organizational issues.. Something that started as a workshop just to organize myself in my personal life, I ended up discovering a great goal to strengthen my business. The way the method is carried out is simple, understandable, but above all, it takes us step by step with patience and that made me have confidence in myself and feel that I can achieve my goal with my strengths. I learned that I just have to listen to that good voice that drives me to be who I am with my strengths and weaknesses to be a better person every day and not give up, thanks Sabrina for all your teachings.”
Rocio Navarrete
Atlanta, USA
“No valoraba mi tiempo, y no podía organizarme con tantas cosas que tenia.

Me siento más liberada, con más claridad. Ahora sé cuales son mis prioridades y cómo va mi tiempo de acuerdo a ellas. Ya que mi emprendimiento es una prioridad para mi, el curso me motivó a tomar un curso de negocios ya que quiero aprender más del tema para ganar claridad sobre mi plan de negocios.

Uno de los mejores cursos que he tomado, me dio mucho más de lo que esperaba. Me dio claridad y me hizo entender lo valioso que es mi tiempo para organizarme. Sabrina es fantástica”
Nancy López Sosa
Miami, USA
"I had difficulties knowing how and where to start the implementation of the ideas that had been in my mind for a long time, but that I had not been able to execute. It was difficult for me to get out of procrastination and organize both my time and my daily activities, to establish goals realistic that would lead me to achieve the vision that was latent every day. The greatest teachings and personal progress was defining my vision, my idea, my goals and objectives regarding my business idea, that on the one hand, but also, I learned to realize that from passion appears time and the desire to organize myself and be more structured and organized to materialize what for a long time was in my mind without action. "
Carmely Castillo
"I had been looking for these teachings for a long time without knowing that they existed in a structured way. I was looking for you tube, instagram: entrepreneurial moms, to see if they gave me some light to organize my time with everything, but it did not satisfy my need for organization as enterprising mother. The only thing clear to her was that the key was organization but she didn't know how to do it and she barely managed to make lists and certain schedules but she didn't go beyond that. It was frustrating to feel that the years went by and still in the same place as always due to "lack of time". And after so much searching I found your webinar that seemed very interesting to me and I told myself that this seemed to be able to give me the answer to what I was looking for, I don't even remember very well how I got here, I only know that now I finish this course totally satisfied and happy. I found what I was looking for. THANK YOU SABRINA!"
Ruth Rojas
Caracas, Venezuela
“With 2getthereconnections I was able to create a vision of life. I am a new Mom who among the thousands of emotions that I experience every day in this role; one that distressed me every morning was the thought of having to go back to work and leave my baby behind. That is why I sought support and thanks to the guidance and tools that Sabrina provides in each of her courses, I was able to define several strategies and action plans to solve my anguish and I was able to start my path to entrepreneurship. Her methodology and tools are very well designed; You will find nothing but support and dedication with this great team.”
Glenys Paz
Toronto, Canada
“As we say, you were what I needed so much hehehe and I tell you from my heart my friend, your work is unique and I will always recommend it to everyone. You took us by the hand and you were on the lookout with your team for each one of us, now I understood that my success is yours ❤️ and of all the courses that I passed, yours has been the best because of your commitment and dedication 🥰🌹”
Zoila Tababary
"Before the course, I didn't know how to get out of being "multitasking" and although I did a lot of things, I couldn't finish most of them and I felt that time wasn't enough for everything, neither for a social life, family or recreational moments and much less I could see the possibility of realizing a dream (at work) that I had postponed for years. Sabrina's course "Get Organized Step by Step" has given me a North, it opened my eyes to realize that YES it is possible, that the organization and order of time and activities allow me to take advantage of the time, without stress without anxiety, if not with the feeling of ACHIEVEMENT It is not a "free" path, it requires will, but Sabrina and the Community (the classmates) they are our Support Network, with suggestions and inspiring us to move forward. I am very, very grateful for this opportunity to internalize that SINCE IT DEPENDS ON ME... IT IS POSSIBLE."​
Maria Virgina Ramos
“Well, I found this course at a time in my life where a lot of things were happening around me, I was in a process of many changes, of a lot of stress, where I definitely needed help to organize myself because of so many things I was doing at the same time, I couldn't find time for anything, which clearly didn't help me much to progress in my business. When I started the course with Sabrina, from the first coaching call I saw a light in the face of all the stressful moments and the thousands of things that were happening around me, since we started the course and seeing all the tools I had more clarity and organization from day one. Now I am clear about what I want, about how to go step by step to develop that goal, now I know what I should or should not do and I have less stress load since the organization of time is definitely the key to everything. I learned to organize time and thus be more productive, to create priorities, to say no when I have to, to people, to events, filtering and focusing on what I add to reach my vision. . My new strength is the organization of my time and the energy and motivation to get out of my comfort zone and start working on what I need for my business. With Sabrina's advice I found clarity in my vision, in remembering what I am and then building my business on my foundations. Thank you very much Sabrina for your advice, for being aware of our learning process, for sharing with us your method, your knowledge and your advice.”
Nhora Azcarate
Miami, USA
"It has been a time in which the motivation and guidance towards my self discovery, they have taught me that I am not alone, and wherever I am, I can start over"
Evelyn Ortega
Madrid, España
"Working with Sabrina is wonderful. She has helped me structure my business and create a clear marketing strategy. At the same time, she has helped me clarify what my message is, who my customer is, and in what capacity I can serve them." better created products that I can monetize."
Carla Sánchez
Miami, USA
"Through these guided tools, I have begun to materialize part of my legacy!"
Laura Carreño
Rabigh, KSA
“I did not know how to focus my objective and also a bit of a lack of guidance on how to start developing my project. He helped me find the goal I was looking for and how to take action to start developing it. It helped me a lot to connect with myself and find what I'm good at. Learn to listen to myself, to be able to ask others for help when I feel a little lost and not to make excuses to take action. More than anything I liked your testimony that you shared with us that if you can achieve the things you set out to do and do things without thinking about the past of what was not done. I really liked the energy and positivity that you transmitted to us in each session in addition to sharing your knowledge. In particular, I felt very motivated and supported to develop my project through its tools that it provides us and personalized attention to find your goal.”
Lupita Mora
Jalisco, México
“I was motivated by attending the webseminar, I had many ideas that I could not specify due to time, in the process I discovered why and what for. I am focused, aware of my goal, my distractions. I am happy and pleased with the course and the support team. Your tracking. Act instead of think. Don't wait for everything to be ready to do it. The 1st session A CONSCIOUS AWAKENING! I still haven't made the appointment for the 2nd. I stopped giving directions, wasting time (I still get much less distracted) and I know exactly what the path is to reach my goal. The weekly calendar is my companion.😬”
Lucia Russo Villaon
“I was not clear about the importance of organization and how to create goals and objectives. Sabrina you were a great help, I always remember your words of support. The course was a before and after. I came out clearer with everything I want to achieve and how I should do it. I loved the course, sometimes we think we know how to organize ourselves and it's not like that, here they give you all the tools so that you can easily achieve everything you have in your head and don't know how to carry it out.”
Tirza Ulloa
Mississauga, Canada.

Know my story...

Hi, I’m Sabrina Castellanos, Strategic Planning Coach for moms who want to organize themselves to start a business and succeed by generating customers and sales.

Are you a mom and want to organize yourself to advance your entrepreneurship?

I have helped many moms, like me, to create time and organization to create a solid foundation for their business and I have accompanied them in the process of learning to manage the time between being a mom and an entrepreneur, organizing a calendar in their favor and eliminating the burden in their lives.

Frequent questions:

  1. A cell phone or a computer to connect to the 4 classes live (Don’t worry, if you can’t attend live, the classes are recorded so you don’t miss a single detail)
    One hour a week for 4 weeks for live classes.
    One hour a week for 4 weeks to complete homework and exercises


We have 4 live classes and you will have access to the repetition of each class so that you can see it at the time that is most feasible for you.

Yes, you have 1 personalized call of 30 min. with Sabrina.

The price is a single payment in US dollars.

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